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For Yefren Carrero, conducting is one of the most powerful means of communication and artistic understanding, as well as an interactive and comprehensive educational tool. It combines the understanding of musical concepts, the mastery of instrumental techniques, and the culture of styles.

Individual development within a musical collective is embedded in his artist DNA. Having started his training with El Sistema in a group learning experience, he acquired the necessary method to then continue his studies towards musical direction.

Today, orchestral practice is one of the tools he uses to develop technique and musicality in his students, in addition to contributing to their social integration.

He is currently the musical director of various programs in Paris, and is regularly invited to participate in orchestras projects as artistic director.


Education is one of the most important tools for the development of a society. The transmission of knowledge is a vital factor for the evolution of every human being.

In his musical pedagogical tools, he integrates a wide range of learning possibilities in a dynamic of motivation and development, that allows to advance at a pleasing pace towards precise, technical, and stylistic objectives. Orchestra play occupies an emblematic place in his life. Which is why, in addition to private lessons, Yefren is also a musical director of orchestra programs in social projects, educational institutions and music conservatories.

Yefren Carrero, comes from a program of education and social inclusion by music created in Venezuela in 1975: EL SISTEMA. The main objective of this programme is to provide free access to music, especially in the most disadvantaged areas.

More than 78 countries drew inspiration from the Venezuelan orchestra training system. In France, Yefren Carrero is the artistic and educational director of one of these projects, TUTTI Passeurs d’arts in Paris. He is also part of an international network of cooperation for the artistic development of musical programs, and regularly collaborates with various projects around the world, including Sweden, England, Japan, and Venezuela.


Born into a family of musicians, Yefren began his musical studies at the age of 12 in the trumpet class of Professor Pacho Flores, and in the socio-educational program EL SISTEMA in San Cristóbal (state of Táchira), Venezuela.

He continued his instrumental studies with professors Gentil Ramírez and Jairo Hernández. He entered the Orquesta. Infantil and Juvenil Luis Gilberto Mendoza and at the age of 16, the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar de Táchira. One year later, he started at the Orquesta Sinfónica Teresa Carreño in Venezuela.

Also playing trombone and euphonium as part of his academic training, he decided to specialize in euphonium, a relatively new appearing instrument that offers a wide range of creative possibilities and technical and musical development.

Over the course of his career, he has been part of prestigious orchestras such as the Simón Bolívar Wind Band Orchestra, the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble, the Paris Brass Band as a guest. He has toured in Latin America, in the United States, in Europe and on the Asian continent.

He graduated from the class of Bastien Baumet at the CRR of Paris in 2018 with the maximum honors from the jury. Then, he won the gold medal at the European Grand Duke Adolphe Young Soloists Competition in 2016.

He currently directs his own brass classes in various conservatories and music schools in Paris.

Tutti Maestro

Yefren Carrero created the Tutti Maestro Symphony Orchestra in 2017 with children from the different orchestras of Tutti Passeurs d’Arts social program in Paris. Professional musicians from all over the world meet these young people under his baton to make music together at the best level, and this contributes to the development of a musical and inclusive education system.

Motivation is indeed one of the most important factors in this educational project. « When I was a child, being able to play in the best orchestra in our educational structure was like a dream, which constantly encouraged me to work hard. That’s why today I lead initiatives like Tutti Maestro, which show kids that they can play like and with their teachers, and that they can succeed if they have the will.”