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On this site, I will be updating you with everything related to my current projects, including Passeurs d’Arts (a program in France, inspired by the Venezuelan ‘El Sistema’ movement), the management and organization of concerts and festivals, different sides of music education, and my itinerary of presentations and concerts throughout the year.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like additional information. I hope you enjoy as I take on these different challenges and adventures!

Orchestra Director

    Yefren’s experience directing orchestral music began at an early age, when he conducted the wind section of the children’s and pre-children’s orchestras of his neighborhood nucleos in Tachira, Venezuela. Upon moving to Caracas, he began directing the brass and percussion sections of the Simon Bolivar Youth Symphonic Band. In Paris, he began his work as a brass teacher, however soon became the musical director of Passeurs d’Arts.

    He is currently the principal conductor of the Tutti Maestro Symphonic Band.


    From an early age, Yefren gained a deep understanding of pedagogy as he worked as a workshop and youth teacher and then soon became a member of the Simon Bolivar de Tachira Orchestra.

    From there, after spending only two years in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, Yefren became the director and professor of the National Academy of Euphonium of Venezuela. Living now in France, he is the Symphonic Orchestra Director for Passeurs d’Arts, where he started students on trumpet, trombone, tuba, and euphonium and is responsible for the majority of the growth of the program. He is also the principal conductor of the symphonic band, Tutti Maestro.

     In September 2017, Yefren made his debut as a teacher for children with special needs, where he gave cornet and euphonium classes to 12 children from a specialized enter in Paris, France. 

    He is currently the National Pedagogical Coordinator of Passeurs d’Arts where he works together with the heads of each center in France on how to best support the disadvantaged sectors of the country. Additionally, Yefren collaborates with multiple educational and musical initiatives around Europe.


    Yefren began studying Euphonium at 18 years old as a member of the Simon Bolivar Youth Band of Venezuela. A few months later, he joined Juan Jose Munera’s class in Bilbao, Spain, and upon his return to Venezuela he won the position of Principal Euphonium of the Simon Bolivar Band. Around the same time, Yefren also joined the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble. While working alongside Juan Jose Munera, the they started the Venezuelan Euphonium Academy together, which Yefren is currently a professor and the director for.

    Several years later, in 2015, Yefren entered the Bastien Baumet Class in Paris, France where he obtained the title of Highest Honors unanimously from the jury. He was also regularly invited to perform with the Paris Brass Band, including on their tour of South Korea in 2016. 

    He continuously to work closely with Bastien Baumet in creating multiple projects that work closely with Passeurs d’Arts.


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