For Yefren Carrero, education is one of the most important tools for the development of a society. The transmission of knowledge is a vital factor for the evolution of every human being.

In his musical pedagogical tools, he integrates a wide range of learning possibilities in a dynamic of motivation and development, that allows to advance at a pleasing pace towards precise, technical and stylistic objectives. Orchestra play occupies an emblematic place in his life. Which is why, in addition to private lessons, Yefren is also a musical director of orchestra programs in social projects, educational institutions and music conservatories.

Yefren Carrero, comes from a program of education and social inclusion by music created in Venezuela in 1975: EL SISTEMA. The main objective of this programme is to provide free access to music, especially in the most disadvantaged areas.

In 45 years, El Sistema has become one of the greatest educational icons in the world, creating well known orchestras and formations such as the Simón Bolívar SymphonyOrchestra, the Brass Ensemble of Venezuela, The Teresa Carreño, the Caracas Symphony Orchestra. It continues to generate internationally renowned musicians and conductors, such as Gustavo Dudamel (conductor), Pacho Flores (trumpet), Alexis Cardenas (violin) or Edicson Ruiz (double bass).

More than 78 countries drew inspiration from the Venezuelan orchestra training system. In France, Yefren Carrero is the artistic and educational director of one of these projects, TUTTI Passeurs d’arts in Paris. He is also part of an international network of cooperation for the artistic development of musical programs, and regularly collaborates with various projects around the world, including Sweden, England, Japan, and Venezuela.